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Marco Fuchs und Kathrin Münch

About us

The Art of delicious food
The promise behind our name is individualized catering for people with a love for food and enjoyable food experiences. With us, everyone can find something that pleases their taste buds. Be it a private cooking class for 10 to 20 people or a cozy family celebration in a private setting with a menu designed in accordance with your guests’ desires.

The possibilities are endless. For larger events, we are able to utilize our large pool of subcontractors. Our foci are fresh and regionally used ingredients and wines. Our regularly scheduled dinners, our art and culture events, as well as our exhibitions are also popular.

Marco Fuchs

Marco Fuchs was born into a restaurant industry family in Freiburg im Breisgau on September 25 1974. He grew up in the idyllic Glottertal, in the middle of the vineyards in the Gasthaus Eichberg. While helping grandma Rosemarie make Spaetzle in the home kitchen, he discovered his passion for cooking and bringing happiness to others through and with food.

After his cooking apprenticeship, he went to expand his horizon and experiences in the far corners of the world: exploring exotic kitchens and cultures near and far. He developed his skills on four continents, among others in Thailand, South America, and Australia. He became the artist, people person, and free thinking spirit he is today. Cooking is not just his profession, but also his passion. Through his travels, he developed his cooking skills, the art of cooking. In 1998, he participated in the cooking Olympic in London representing Sir Terrence Conran in the legendary restaurant “Blue Bird Restaurant.”

In 2005, the successful and well-traveled chef returned to his home, the Black Forest, and started his own company “The Art of Delicious Food.” By starting his own business, he fulfilled one of his long-time dreams. It is his pleasure to cook regional and unique products of high quality for his guests. His motto is: fresh, and colorful is healthy! You can find him at private celebrations with hand-selected menus, in cooking classes, and at large events such as the EM in Basel (cooking for the German Soccer Association clubs) and the largest jewelry show in the world, Basel World.

Kathrin Fuchs

Kathrin Fuchs was born on October 18 in 1981 in Freiburg in Breisgau. She grew up in the Elztal, in the family’s restaurant Gasthaus Ochsen in Oberwinden. Her play-pen was the restaurant’s kitchen, where she was able to observe her mother cooking from an early age. There she learned her first tricks of the trade. She completed her apprenticeship in the Hotel Kreuz in Glottertal. She won first prize in the city cooking competition in Freiburg and was allowed to participate at the Southwest German championship for young chefs.

Her first stop after completing her apprenticeship was the Ringhotel Silberkönig in Bleibach, where she met Marco Fuchs, who was the head chef. From there she went to Stuttgart to work for star- and TV-chef Vincent Klink in the Wielandhöhe. From him she learned the finesses and the art of gourmet cooking.

When she returned to southwestern Germany, she worked as sous-chef in the “Alte Post” in Müllheim. 2008 she met Marco Fuchs again. She was excited about the concept of The Art of Delicious Food and joined him as a partner. Together the two embody the art of delicious treats and they travel the culinary world from Munich to Freiburg and from Geneva to Maine.

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